Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

You have a budget, but a few months into planning you feel the weight of everything sitting on your bank account. Venue deposit, catering deposit, florist pricing, photography with video add-ons… it’s never ending. Here are a few ways to save money while still having the perfect wedding you always dreamed of having!

Simple Invitations
Sure, custom designed invitations can showcase your personality and catch the eye in the pile of mail, but I can assure you that your guests will look at them once and then hang on to them just for the wedding information. Save your money! Simple invitations that outline who, what, where, and when is all your guests need. (And this will save you hundreds of dollars that you can put toward your honeymoon!)

Save on Envelopes
While we’re at it on saving money with invitations, consider using an RSVP postcard instead of a card with a separate envelope. It seems like a small change, but you’ll save in the long run!

Homemade Centerpieces
The bouquet of fresh flowers in the middle of each table will look stunning, but they cost an arm and a leg and you have to spend the day after your wedding figuring out what to do with them all! Save your time and money by making your own centerpieces. Hint: Sometimes wedding venues have a centerpiece closet or storage unit with pieces that were left behind from other weddings. Make sure to ask your venue and take a look through it all!

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